Organic Lash Drying Cloth

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Preserve your lashes between refills with EndureLash® Organic Drying Cloth. Standard terry cloth towels, paper towel, Kleenex all rip and pull at extensions. Our Drying Cloth does neither: designed with a unique fabric weave and spin that provides minimal shedding, no snagging and fewer lost lashes! Use in the shower, poolside, beach, gym and on extra humid days... our Drying Cloth will make the night to day difference in maintaining your lashes well between refills.  Available in a Pack of 3 for spa & personal use; not for resale. Comes without vinyl pouch.  Help reduce cosmetic waste worldwide; be a conscious consumer, think green and buy these!

We ship globally except to the USA (for US orders 


  • Tight knit weave means it won't snag lash extensions 
  • Super absorbent on wet/damp eyelash extensions
  • Reduces cosmetic waste 


    hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, organic, vegan


    7.5 X 7.5