About Endure

About Our Formulas

Endure™ offers comprehensive skincare solutions that improve the signs of aging by stimulating cellular turnover, volumizing the skin and smoothing fine lines to taut. Achieved by a variety of scientifically proven approaches ranging from cellular regeneration by the cytophylactic activities of many of its potent plant-based ingredients to the humectant effects of HA molecules, clinically proven, to not only attract moisture but retain moisture in the skin as well. From cellular detoxification to non-abrasive enzymatic exfoliation to the anti-aging protection of powerful antioxidants this skincare promotes a firm and glowing skin through repair, revitalization and brightening.

This skincare was formulated by a team of internationally acclaimed researchers who work for the laboratory Nohbo, a lab who billionaire investor Mark Cuban invests in. Its creation and manufacturing complies with ECOCERT regulations according to strict cGMP specifications. All active ingredients are sourced in the USA and carefully extracted from botanics and botanical fruits giving a skincare that is saturated with highly absorbable organic superfood extracts.

This line is vegan with the exception of a low concentration of natural honey in the collagen under-eye therapy pads.

Hypoallergenic: Designed specifically to be non-reactive to lupus-related sensitives and as such the most hyper-sensitive skin can benefit.

Cruelty-free: Leaping Bunny certified.

Cosmetic Surgeon Approved: especially beneficial and soothing for patients having just undergone invasive cosmetic procedures, laser skincare treatments, IPL, microneedling, acid and chemical peels, microdermaplaning or when the skin is injured by sunburns or burns.

No harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or parabens that may cause counter reactions in patients undergoing cosmetic procedures and/or who experience hypersensitivities. Our active ingredients are USDA Organic and all supportive ingredients are 100% natural, including various preservatives, e.g., radish root and lactobacillus ferment.


Creator of Endure Beauty: Nikki Huebner

Nikki Huebner is a mother, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and a freelance writer for multiple publications where she shares her knowledge of the lash and skincare industries. Her studies and 16-year career were originally in dentistry, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene and Biology, then a 4-year clinical career, and finally, she sold medical devices for oral and maxillofacial surgery until the launch of Endure™ Beauty in 2017. 


Her charitable brand, Endure™ Beauty, is modernizing and broadening the horizons of the Lash Industry as it currently stands. Her innovative organic products, including Endurelash® Organic Eyelash Cloths, and the Endure™ Under Eye Collagen Gel Therapy Pads, are add on products that have been shown to increase the hygiene, maintenance and luxury of the lash extension service in general, as well as add increased revenue to the accomplished Lash Artist today! Also, her clean beauty philosophy has captivated the organic beauty markets and earned her the title "The Lash Queen" coined by ELUXE MAGAZINE.

The heart and soul behind the Endure™ Beauty Brand are the charitable aspects. Nikki lost a daughter in a tragic accident back in 2010. So, her true-life mission is to give back HOPE through, Chyler's Family Room Projects, an extension of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Her dual-purpose products create a more luxurious and safer alternative to the lash extension consumer experience. Endure Beauty is Organic with an Edge! Please check out her creations in our website and we invite you to stroll the site and inquire on anything that interests you...we'd delight in hearing from you.